Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh

Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh– Medicines are in the lack position in Bangladesh, since the high demand of the same. This also increases the need and pushes the market to another level and it is in a developing position. Bangladesh’s pharmaceutical industry was valued at USD 3.1 billion in 2019 and is expected to rise 7.6 percent to $3.54 billion in 2020. But here is the great contribution by many pharma exporters who export bulk of medicines to Bangladesh. Iskon remedies is also one of them that deals with all kinds of medicines in injection and eye drops forms. This is known as a Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh that not only exports human medicines but also delivers medicines for animals. Even due to high proficiency in the pharmaceuticals and transparent deals we are becoming a first choice of many pharma companies.

Iskon Remedies is a well-known Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh that has been working to promote the well-being of society. We not only export and manufacture injections and eye drops, but we also provide pharmaceutical services. All of our products are DCGI and FSSAI approved, and they are all available under one roof, so our customers don’t have to travel anywhere else for their pharmaceutical supplies. However, the quality of the product is always important since we consistently maintain the quality by utilising high-tech machines and tools while adhering to stringent measures. Apart from that, we supply pharmaceutical supplies to Bangladesh on our own to help the country’s health-care system.

Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh

Trade Of Pharma Products In Bangladesh From India

The pharmaceutical business, which provides 97 percent of local demand, has expanded at a compound annual rate of 12.1% over the preceding five years. According to a UCB research, the market size in June 2021 was 3 billion USD, and this figure is likely to rise. Bangladesh, being a neighbouring nation of India, is requesting excellent medications from India. As a result, there are numerous reputable pharmaceutical exporting firms in India that offer high-quality drugs to Bangladesh. That is achievable because of India and Bangladesh’s close partnership, which has left a substantial benchmark in the pharma sector.

Top Pharmaceutical Exporting Company in India for Bangladesh

Iskon Remedies has established a name not only in the Indian pharmaceutical field, but also worldwide, since we provide medicinal products all over the world. Being a Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh we export high-quality pharmaceutical products to Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Europe, the United States, South Africa, and other nations. As a result, we are recognised as a global pharmaceutical industry participant. Clients from all around the world connect with us and use our third-party manufacturing services on a regular basis. And we assert that our success is exclusively due to the exceptional production that takes place in our cutting-edge plant. The device features several divisions for each sort of activity, making the entire process easy and comfortable.

  • Cutting-edge technology is employed to manufacture high-quality pharmaceutical products.
  • In order to keep the production area free of illness, our facility is generally sanitised.
  • With 20 nations we are dealing with quality products and also help them in their health sector.
  • More than 450 pharma injections and eye drops are being sold by us to many companies across the globe.
  • Because our plant contains distinct divisions for different types of work, our manufacturing cycle is more efficient.
  • All equipment and machinery are oiled and maintained in order to produce more or work more efficiently.

Quality Medicines For Importing In Bangladesh From India

All pharmaceuticals are manufactured in a well-managed supply chain, which simplifies and comforts the entire operation. Management of a sustainable supply chain that decreases overall product cost while also reducing our company’s personnel in order to make our product cost viable. Before submitting the products to packing, our quality control team inspects them at each stage. Furthermore, our company is always striving to improve product performance in order to strike a balance between product quality and cost effectiveness. Because it uses relatively little material and monitors each process, sustainable manufacturing reduces the use of natural raw materials and other resources.

The research team brings the latest pharma products in the market to make people up to date and provide them with the quality medicines. The company has been dealing with a wide range of pharma products that makes our company a well known position in the market.

How To Import Pharmaceutical Products To Bangladesh From India?

Both export and import make major contributions to the economy of both countries while also supplying patients with high-quality medications. India has always served the society of Bangladesh, and as a neighbouring nation, we believe it is our job to provide better healthcare services. It also strengthens relationships with other nations in terms of trade and economy, as well as the people’s interaction. Exporting pharmaceutical products from India to Bangladesh gives economic opportunities for individuals in Bangladesh as well as company growth. One advantage is that no import licence is necessary for products destined for Bangladesh.

Documents necessary for importing pharmaceuticals into Bangladesh

  • Product Description
  • Manufacturing Company Profile
  • Original Pharmaceutical Product Certificate
  • The manufacturer’s country of origin
  1. Documents submitted to the drug authorities for approval of a recipe (if the health product is already approved then send the recipe to Renata Limited which is a local agent for evaluating medicines).
  2. After receiving approval from the drug licensing authorities, the company ordering the product will examine the fees and packaging from the producer in order to acquire a product licence.
  3. Before obtaining a product licence, the Drug Authority evaluates all paperwork.
  4. All of the procedure’s legal pillars are governed by the following acts: the Drugs Act of 1940, the Drugs Control Ordinance of 1982, and the National Drug Policy of 2005.

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As a Best Indian Pharmaceutical Exporter For Bangladesh we will assist all the procedures to get medicines into Bangladesh.

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