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Pharmaceuticals Exporter From India to Nigeria– Around 489 Million USD of medicines were exported to Nigeria from India that is a heavy contribution on a global pharma export market. Being a global player of providing generic medicines to the world, India has gained a high goodwill in the pharma market. Along with improving the  economy  they are also emphasising on becoming a helping hand for other nations. Here a leading Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Nigeria, Iskon Remedies has been leaving a remarkable sign in the  pharma market for an outstanding performance to export essential pharma products to Nigeria. The company is ISO certified and works as per the norms set by WHO and GMP in order to maintain the high standard of the products.

Iskon Remedies is a prominent name and earned as a best Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Nigeria that has been working for the whole mankind across the world. The company covers products like tablets, injectables, eye drops and many other for importing to Nigeria.  And all products are  highly preferred by many pharma companies in Nigeria and they import usually since our products are affordable to get.

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If you are running a pharma medicine company in Nigeria and want to export medicines from India then Iskon Remedies is a exact platform to get quality products. Call us at +91-9816011108, 8872345222. You can drop us an email at

Brief Explanation Of Pharma Exporters From India For Nigeria

Nigeria is a well known destination for Indian traders since there is a high demand of essential products like nutrients supplements, edible products, animal food, and majorly pharmaceutical products.With a net worth of N488. 1 billion, India was Nigeria’s greatest export market in the first quarter of 2021. And India exported pharmaceutical products valued around $489 million USD, a significant value on a worldwide scale. The total value of these pharma products is increasingly influencing Nigerian pharma firms, who prefer to obtain pharma products from pharma exporting companies in India.

To the delight of Indian medicine exporters, Nigeria, the country’s fifth largest export destination by value, has eliminated import duty on supply of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals beginning May 1, 2020. Therefore, this  is one of the preferable destination for exporting 

Highly Proficient Pharma Company For Exporting Pharma Products

Since its start, Iskon Remedies has been the most trusted Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Nigeria, as we deal with a diverse range of pharmaceutical products with complete transparency. We are making a worldwide contribution to the pharmaceutical sector by exporting pharmaceutical products to Nigeria. We now export pharmaceutical products to countries such as the United States, Africa, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and the Philippines, among others. We have received several honours and certificates as a result of our methodical planning and increased client satisfaction.  Our GMP-approved manufacturing plants produce all of our products. We are able to meet our clients’ requests thanks to the expertise of our manufacturing facilities. The unit is built in a wide spacious land and has unique infrastructure and has different sections for each type of work.

  • Our products are made in high-tech and modern production facilities.
  • We deliver the merchandise on schedule thanks to our efficient transportation infrastructure.
  • All devices are being greased and maintained to improve unit performance.
  • We have separate divisions for each phase, including manufacturing.
  • People pick us for import because we believe in transparent transactions.
  • To keep illnesses at bay, we keep all of our products in a sterile environment.

Why Does Quality Matter For Exporting Pharma Products To Nigeria?

Quality is our main focus since it represents our high standard and that is the major reason behind people choosing us for importing pharma products to Nigeria. All products are manufactured under the strong supply chain management that reduces the unnecessary use of raw material and workforce. In that way we are able to provide cost effective pharma products that any small to large scale pharma company or business can afford. The quality control team inspects the  products at each step and ensures the quality of the products. The packaging team packs the products in an accurate way to avoid leakage and damage to the products. Even our safety team also prevents the products from damage while shipping.

How To Import Pharma Products To Nigeria From India?

Pharma products are not considered to be common products since they are linked with the life of people. When it comes to other nations and on higher levels we always look for medicines that must be genuine and then followed by work legally. So if you are thinking to import pharma products to Nigeria, then follow the below mentioned details;

If you are importing the pharmaceutical products From India to Nigeria then follow these;

  • Your company must have company in Nigeria and must be registered in Nigeria
  • You must have a TIN number, should be included if registered with the Federal Inland Revenue Services.
  • Choose any Authorised Dealer Bank to handle the Form M / PAAR and act as a go-between for the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), the importer, and other parties.

The importer is now ready to import into Nigeria after completing the preceding processes. To clear your products via Customs, you must now follow the steps below:

  • For any regulated products, the importer gets Regulatory Certificates, such as the PC.
  • The importer starts the computer in the online single window.
  • The importer completes a Form M on the Nigerian Trade Platform and uploads it to the ADB, together with the necessary documents (such as the Insurance Certificate, Proforma Invoice, and Product Certificate) (when SON controls the item).
  • Before forwarding Form M to the NCS, the ADB analyses and approves it.
  • When Form M is incomplete or lacking information and/or documents, the NCS either accepts or rejects it.
  • When the NCS accepts Form M, the importer sends a copy to his exporter, who contacts Cotecna, the International Accreditation Firm, with the Form M, the Final Invoice, the Bill of Lading/Airway Bill, and the packing list to obtain the SONCAP Certificate.
  • The importer activates the SONCAP Certificate and applies for PAAR issuance through the Nigeria Single Window for Trade.
  • The importer receives the PAAR and begins the process of clearing his merchandise.

Being a reputable Pharmaceuticals Exporter From India to Nigeria we are  offering wide range of injectables, eye drops for exporting to Nigeria from India at affordable prices.

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