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ISKON REMEDIES is one of the top PHARMA THIRD PARTY MANUFACTURER with a mission to bring good health to the people of India with its exclusive & extensive product range.

Welcome to Iskon Remedies & GMT (General Machine Tools )

Human and Veterinary Injections Manufacturer in India - Building on the years of experience and dedication to pertaining life of both ‘Human’ and ‘Animals’, Iskon Remedies ‘the top Injection Manufacturer for veterinary and human’ support the customers in every better way. Through delivering quality vaccine we are also supporting the veterinarians and livestock producers everywhere which are equally important to be taken care of. Iskon Remedies / General Machine Tools is working every single day to meet the medical requirements by addressing the real-world challenges for both humans and animals. The Range of Injections and eye drops manufactured at Iskon Remedies is diverse and meet all quality parameters.

We Exclusively Deal in Manufacturing of all type of Human & Veterinary Injections (Dry and Liquid) - Betalactum, Non-Betalactum, Cephalosporins, Carbapenems, Liquid Injectables, Penicillin Injections, Eye/Ear/ Nasal Drops, and Sprays Currently, the Company manufactures more than 350 products & molecules, under different brand names for parties all over India, which are tested at our own In House Quality Control Laboratories, at both the plants. The companies approach us for liquid & Dry injection manufacturing.

With the realization of a vision of Mr. Gaurav Goyal (Managing Director), ISKON REMEDIES & GMT (GENERAL MACHINE TOOLS) is a leading name in the pharmaceutical industry today. We come in the list of top Injection Manufacturing companies in India. ISKON REMEDIES & GMT (GENERAL MACHINE TOOLS) operates fully integrated manufacturing facilities based at KALA-AMB (Himachal Pradesh), India. Our Corporate Head Office is located at Panchkula (H.R) India, with two Manufacturing Plants situated at Kala-Amb (Just at a distance of 60KM from Chandigarh) in the names of ISKON REMEDIES since 2005 & GMT (General Machine Tools) since 2016, with the dedicated and ultra-modern facilitated technology as per ISO Standards & WHO guidelines.

With a vision of providing high quality and affordable products to the society, ISKON REMEDIES has achieved a leading position in the field of manufacturing pharmaceutical formulations for both Domestic & Export Markets. We manufacture all kinds of pharmaceutical injectables at the best prices of the industry and within a stipulated time all the orders are being executed strictly as per the commitments to the Customers. Being a customer-oriented company it does not compromise on quality, which has enabled it to make a niche position for itself in the industry.

Veterinary Injection Range

Inskon Remedies strives to provide veterinarians, animal owner and other livestock farmers what is best for the health of their pets. Our Injection Range covers the wide range of Veterinary Injections like isoflud injection veterinary, hivit injection, surral injection, marbodac injection etc.Iskon Remedies offers the varies of veterinary injections for farm animals such as poultry, cattle, fish, sheep, and pigs as well as for our companion animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, etc.

Iskon Remedies always have sight on the fact that innovation is the backbone of our company, thus our R&D team brings something different and more efficient in this highly competitive market. Our Veterinary Injection Range portfolio reflects the work of our team to deliver the best to the customers. The vaccines manufactured at Iskon are at complete compliance with client needs for regulatory approvals and market access.

Here is what makes our Veterinary Injection Segment-best:
  • Our vaccines are innovative, effective, and safe and meet the highest standards of quality.
  • We have the deep understanding of supply chain. This helps us to increase the efficiencies and reduce risk for both company and associates.
  • Quality Infrastructure and Operations ensures the superior quality of our veterinary injection range.

Human Injection Range

Iskon Remedies is one of the top notched Human injection range manufacturer as well. With the motive to bring the new products in the market, to provide whole new experience to the patients, and to reduce the overall healthcare cost, our company has come up with diverse range of human Injections. Iskon remedies always work on enhancing, enabling and differentiating the product portfolio which has established us a well known name in the market.

Our Range of human injections are carefully researched and manufactured in advanced facilities. This allows us to deliver potential product range to the people. We believe in building solution which could complete the unmet needs to people. The Company have the vaccines which are used to cure the serous and life – threatening medical conditions.

Our Injections and Eye Drop Range for Manufacturing

3rd Party Manufacturing

Iskon Remdies is committed to better healthcare for all, through quality products, achieved through manufacturing excellence, compliance to requirements and continual improvement in quality management system for maximum customer satisfaction.
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Product Efficiency 88%
Product Packing 92%
Product Availability 91%
Price Competitiveness 95%
Customer Satisfaction 97%

Why Choose Iskon Remedies for Veterinary and Human Injection Range?

Iskon Remedies simply believes that each one is co-dependent on other in the ecosystem, thus, we provide vaccines for both human and animals which purposefully is driven to make the difference in the life. We are known for doing what we say be and deliver what we promise. Iskon Remedies strive to build the healthy relationship between the company and associates for good performance in the market. Backed by the team of highly professional’s experts we ensure to deliver the superior quality.

Here given below are few more reasons to choose us:
  • Innovation and excellence go hand in hand at Iskon Remedies
  • We deliver the best range of product right on time with the quality packaging.
  • Our business partners are invaluable for us and thus, we constantly try to keep the ties strong
  • We provide support though our time, resources and intellectual capital to help our associates to do well in the industry.
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