Best Indian Injection Exporter in UK

Best Indian Injection Exporter in UK – The worth of the UK pharmaceutical market was around $31.7 billion in 2020 which is quite low compared to the worth of total annual turnover that the Indian market has i.e, Rs. 2,89,998 crore. That’s how the Indian pharmaceutical industry stands at 3rd position in terms of volume and 14th in terms of value. Seeing the increasing demand for the injectable range in the United Kingdom, Iskon Remedies has come forward as the Best Indian Injection Exporter in UK

Iskon Remedies is offering an injectable range for both human and veterinary usage. We offer injections of both types i.e, Dry and Liquid. Some of the offered range includes Betalactum, Non-Betalactum, Cephalosporins, Carbapenems, Liquid Injectables, and Penicillin Injections. Norms laid by WHO, GMP, and other authorities are followed while manufacturing the offered range of injections which makes us the Best Indian Injection Exporter in UK.

Best Indian Injection Exporter in UK

Current Scenario Of The Demand For Medicines In the United Kingdom

As per many surveys was done and as per various reports, one of the biggest concerns for many people is the increasing number of patients who are facing several health problems. Some of the most widely faced health disorders include heart disease, stroke, cancer, and lung and liver disease. All of these account for more than 150,000 deaths in a single year under the age of 75. Furthermore, out of the total medicines, almost 90% of them are imported from other countries which act as the Best Exporter Of Injections From India to the UK.

In response to these major issues, many authorities of the nation(UK) said that almost 30,000 of these deaths can easily be avoided just by using quality medicines which otherwise isn’t possible. In recent times the United Kingdom imported nearly $21 billion worth of pharmaceutical products from various nations from which India is one. Seeing the regular need for all the pharma products, our firm Iskon Remedies is there as the Top Exporter Of Injections From India to the UK.

A Prominent Injection Exporter From India To the United Kingdom

Iskon Remedies since the beginning has made sure to satisfy all the linked pharma professionals in the best possible manner by offering top-notch pharma products. The efforts are directed in such a manner as we want that all the needy individuals must get the medications in order to get rid of the health issues that they are having. We are aiming at providing a diverse range of products so all kinds of common as well as serious health disorders can be solved very easily. Now we are here as the Top Indian Injection Exporter in the United Kingdom. 

Have a look at some salient features of the Top Indian Injection Exporter in the UK:

  • Hi-tech and modern production facilities are being used by us for the production work.
  • On-time delivery is one of the main features that our company holds.
  • Regular inspection is done of all the machines that we keep on using on a daily basis.
  • Separate divisions are used by us for manufacturing different kinds of products.
  • Due to doing transparent transactions, we are the first pick of all pharma professionals in the UK. 
  • More than 450+ products are available for import purposes in the United Kingdom.

100% Quality Assured On All The Offered Pharma Medicines

There are so many pharma companies that are also offering a great range of medications to the UK. What makes us different from them is the quality assurance that we give on all the range of medicines that we offer as the leading exporter Of Injections From India to the UK. Having a rich supply chain management makes sure that the end result comes out as per the expectations of the nation that is taking our services. Packing is also done in such a manner so as to make sure that there are no chances for any kind of breakage or leakage. Take a look at some more points which tells about the quality assurance given by us.

  • The raw material that we use is sourced by the experts who are linked with us for a very long time period.
  • All the rules and regulations of the various authorities such as WHO and GMP are being followed by us.
  • Quality checks are done on all the batches that we manufacture and provide to the final end-user.
  • The quality control crew linked with us makes sure that the manufacturing process is being done as per the requirement of the linked pharma associates. 

How To Import Pharma Products From India To the United Kingdom

All kinds of imports and export are subjected to some rules and regulations as it is regulated by many kinds of laws. That’s why it is very crucial to know about the same as being unaware about it can lead to some forms of legal problems later on when the same is ignored. The export is done by the top exporter of Injections from India to the United Kingdom also supports the growth in the economy of the nation. Along with boosting the healthcare sector, this process also helps in the creation of more job opportunities in both the importing and exporting nations. Following is the procedure for importing medicines from India to the UK.

  • The pharma medicines for import purposes are distributed in two parts i.e, licensed and unlicensed ones. 
  • The importer needs to attain a license (Wholesale Dealer’s Licence) that will permit him the importation of medicinal products from countries that are listed on the approved country for import list.
  • In case the imported medicine isn’t licensed in the UK or from a listed country then the need for an “ordinary Responsible Person” arises. 
  • After that one must fill out all the mandatory documents which contain all the details of the order which is made by the importing nation. It will have all the detail of the order such as the quantity of the medicines ordered and other related descriptions.

If you are a pharma professional based out in the United Kingdom and are looking for the Leading Exporter Of Injections From India to the UK, then use the following details to come in our contact. 

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