Injection Manufacturer in Punjab- Punjab at one time among India’s fastest-growing and richest state but now it is termed as a “once-rich” as its economy is declining and ill-health plaguing people of all ages. Punjab faces a double burden of obesity and malnutrition. Obesity among men (27.8 percent) and women (31.3 percent) increased by 5.6 and 1.4 percentage. 46% of children under age 4 years are underweight; more than 50% suffer from malnutrition. The Healthcare condition in Punjab is not up to the mark. There is a heavy need for medical facilities in Punjab, India. Therefore, we Iskon Remedies has introduced itself as an Injection Manufacturer in Punjab.

Iskon remedies are focused on empowering the pharmaceutical world with its quality products. We do not compromise on quality. Iskon Remedies manufactures more than 350 products. All molecules that are tested at our own In-House Quality Control Laboratories at our own two manufacturing plants under different brand names for parties throughout India. Iskon Remedies, Established in 2005 has emerged as one of the largest focused on human and veterinary injection manufacturing company in India and is engaged as best Injection Manufacturer in Punjab among all major Indian Pharmaceutical companies.                                                                                                                         

Even we work as 3rd Party Manufacturer for Injection Range. Meanwhile, we are quite popular as an Injection Molding Manufacturer in India. In fact, you can contact us with your queries. To reach us you can call us at +9816011108 and even you can drop us an email at would love to assist you with any doubts you have.

Injection Mnaufacturer company in Punjab

“Iskon Remedies” one of the foremost company for Injection Manufacturing

Iskon remedies are growing leaps and bounds today and known as a quality conscious and conscientious dry injection manufacturer of India. With its reliable Supply chain of Pharma Distributors, the company is capable to deliver its dry injection in every location of Punjab. Our company has all the facilities that sustain our position at the top of other Pharma Franchise Companies.

  • Our department is well documented to offer reliable and prompt assistance to all its customers.
  • The stringency is properly sanitized and taken care of by the labeling of the injections.

We promise to deliver world-class medicines by inspecting them at each sphere of production for better customer experience.

Strong roots of Iskon Remedies in maintaining the Injection quality

Our organization has advanced and impeccable equipment for the manufacturing of the drug. We provide fully integrated high tech machinery and cutting edge technology-based equipment to over a professional team of skilled chemists so that they should not undergo any difficulty in the production of Injection range.

•   Research & Development: Our process Research & Development laboratory focuses on developing innovative, cost-effective process technologies for select active pharmaceutical ingredients, in line with the business strategy of the company.  Our research and development form the backbone of Iskon Remedies consistently delivering innovative products.

•   Quality: Iskon therefore, manufactures products that are certified under WHO-GMP production units. Quality measures must be taken at every level of encoding to guarantee that products are safe from any possible deficiencies.

•   Warehouse and Packaging unit: This unit is responsible for the shelf-life and attractive and correct packaging of the products.

The world-class infrastructure, high-quality manpower, and path-breaking innovations are indeed is a matter of immense pride for us.   

 ‘Logistics Networks’ for the prompt delivery of Injections in Punjab

Along with the quality manufacturing of the company, the quality packaging and delivery of the product are also essential. Our company has a small group of distributors in every district of Punjab to make our injection approachable to the client. We ensure customers to receive their injection molded parts on time, and more importantly, ensure parts are not damaged in transit. While keeping in mind the importance of delivering the work on time then we have made a separate logistic and delivery department. We are linked with the best Logistics Network in our company who ensures us the following facility:

·        Tight and leakage proof Packaging

·        Prompt Delivery of Products Range

·        Cost-effective delivery service

·        Licensed and authorized truck holders etc

Increased Demand of the injections in the cities of Punjab

The research study submitted here is a wonderful collection of various types of important aspects evaluation of the Indian Injection market. It sheds light on how it is expected that the global Injection Market will grow over the forecast period. As per marketing research and injectable demand, a brief on these patterns are included in the report. It can help companies operating in the Injectable industry know the market and develop strategies accordingly for their business expansion. The report evaluates the market size, the share of industry, growth, key sections, CAGR, and major drivers.

Ludhiana: Ludhiana is the heart of Punjab as it is the largest city of Punjab. So, the demand for injection is also increasing day by day. As the population in Ludhiana is also high so the chance of people getting diseases is at very risk due to an industrial hub.

Patiala: This is the royal city of the State. As the government is also making efforts in providing the best medical facilities to the people living there. As the people over there have more heart or infections due to waterlogging. So the demand for dry and liquid injection in this is very high.

At the beginning of 2018, the market size for dry injection was US$10.8 million and is expected to reach US$18.5 million by the end of 2025, with a CAGR of 4.5% in 2019-2025.

Amritsar: Amritsar is the religious place and one of the blessed city of Punjab. In this city, the health status is improving with the passage of time as the demand for injections is fulfilled with rich quality.

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