Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan

Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan– Indian pharma market is booming across the globe and they are the one of the largest exporters in the global market. They are contributing 20% of generic medicines over the other countries. In 2022, The Ministry of External Affairs announced that India has delivered three tonnes of essential life-saving medicines to Afghanistan in the fourth batch of medical assistance to the war-torn country. Therefore, being a neighbouring country India always stands for helping Afghanistan.

Iskon Remedies is a prominent name in the global pharma market that always stands for the well being of the society. This is a top Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan that always works as per the World Health Organisation and contributes to the worldwide pharmaceutical market. Moreover, our company has been serving the society since 2004 and leaving a significant benchmark in the health sector with the quality of pharmaceutical products.

The company is part of a vast global network and interacts with customers all around the world. As a consequence, we are widely considered as the most important Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan. Our extensive line of pharmaceutical products is divided into two categories: eye drops and injectables. Apart from that, we not only export pharmaceutical products to the rest of the world, but also provide a wide range of veterinary medications. We provide the best logistical services, product availability, and customer care to make the services more convenient and pleasant.

Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan

A Proficient Pharma Exporting Company In India For Afghanistan 

With the objective of societal well-being, Iskon Remedies has established a distinguished brand in the pharma industry with high-quality pharmaceutical products. The unit is situated on a big, open piece of land and has a one-of-a-kind infrastructure, as well as multiple departments for each work, which aids in the smooth operation of our entire process. Furthermore, our products are selected by many pharma companies in the United States, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, South African nations, and other neighboring countries.

As a result, we are regarded as a global participant in the pharmaceutical industry. The manufacturing facility where our products are made is the key reason for our company’s popularity, as well as why pharma exports prefer our pharmaceutical exporting services. Here are some other aspects of our firm.

  • Pharmaceuticals are created utilising cutting-edge technologies.
  • All of our equipment is lubricated and maintained to ensure peak performance.
  • We always keep the most popular products in stock so that our clients do not have to wait.
  • Over 350 pharma products to consumers all around the world at competitive prices.
  • A highly competent production crew supports our manufacturing facilities.
  • We deliver the products on schedule because we collaborate with the logistics crew.

Quality Pharma Products For Exporting From India

Iskon Remedies manufactures the products following strict rules to assure product efficacy in order to provide high-quality products. We have every vitamin supplement ready for import as the finest Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan. Furthermore, using sustainable manufacturing processes lowers the cost of pharmaceutical products while maintaining their effectiveness at every stage. At each stage, our quality control team inspects the product’s quality. To prevent leakage or product damage, all products are professionally wrapped. We provide tablets, capsules, syrups, powder, and a variety of additional products for pharma imports.

The Big Rise In Demand Of Pharma Products In Afghanistan

The rules, regulations, and mechanisms in place to oversee pharmaceutical imports in Afghanistan appear to be in desperate need of modification, since there are processes that, if followed, may minimise the entry of low-quality pharmaceuticals. As a result, the Licensed National Pharmaceutical List, which governs which products can be imported, manufactured, and marketed, must be regularly updated.

The Pharmaceutical Law oversees the selection, production, importation, distribution, and use of pharmaceutical products in the country, however it must be amended if it was passed under different circumstances in the past. According to Afghanistan’s health minister, there is a high demand for medicinal products imported into the country.

Basic Procedure To Import Medicines To Afghanistan

An applicant for an import permit must hold an import licence issued by Afghanistan’s Public Health Authority. The validity of the licence will be determined by the Public Health Authority. The Pharmaceutical Import Licence will be renewed when it expires. Most nations split the import process into three steps.

  • A one-time enrollment process is required to receive an import permit.
  • Documentation is required for importation.
  • Import customs clearance processes.

If you are looking for the best Pharmaceuticals Exporter from India to Afghanistan then Iskon Remedies is a best option for you.

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