Injection Manufacturer in Gurgaon: Known as India’s financial and technology hub, Gurgaon is located southwest of New Delhi. The city is home to several growing industries in the country and has transformed the working sector of north India. With a population of around one million individuals, Gurgaon has blossomed as an economic hub for various sectors, especially pharma. The rise in health problems has resulted in an ever-increasing demand for healthcare products in the injection range, and many pharma professionals are looking for injection manufacturers in Gurgaon.

Iskon Remedies is the leading pharmaceutical company in India known for its top of the lines manufacturing facilities and services. The company has over twelve years of experience in the pharma sector and has gained the trust of many pharma professionals. It is because all our products are high quality and we always keep our promise of delivering items on time. Therefore, Iskon Remedies is the ideal injection manufacturer in Gurgaon for pharma professionals.

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Pharma Professionals who are looking for a top injection manufacturing company in Gurgaon can contact us by calling us at +91-9816011108, 8872345222, or simply writing an email at

Iskon Remedies: Promising Firm for Providing Quality Healthcare Products and Services

Iskon Remedies is one of the most reputed names in the pharma sector, with over twelve years of experience in the pharma sector. The company is known for its world-class manufacturing services of pharmaceutical products. Iskon Remedies specialises in the injection range and has delivered quality products over the years. Many pharma professionals have partnered with us and enjoyed the benefits of our top-tier products and services, making us a top injection manufacturer in Gurgaon.

All our products are packed in a superior quality material, which helps to increase and sustain our products for a more extended period. Our company also have a group of specialised individuals who look into the quality-assured production of healthcare items. Along with the assured quality team, the company is also partnered with the best logistics team, which handles a vast network of supply chains across the country. It is the reason that we are an ideal injection manufacturer in Gurgaon. 

  • 12 Years of Experience in the Pharma Industry
  • Production Under the Guidelines of the World Health Organisation
  • ISO and GMP Certified Manufacturing Plants
  • Large Infrastructure with all the Tools and Technology
  • Great Storage Facilities with Ventilation
  • Quality Assured Production of Healthcare Items

Well Established Infrastructure with High Tech Tools and Machinery For Large Scale Product Synthesis

We have one of the most advanced infrastructures to curate the products and services for the pharma professionals of the country. Our large scale and high input manufacturing plant is the reason for our efficiency and growth. We try to maintain ethical standards and quality; because of this, one can find excellent services for injection manufacturing in Gurgaon. Also, we believe in preserving our nature, so all our waste materials are discarded with proper channels and practices so that no harm is done to the environment. 

  • Dedicated Research and Development 
  • Large Warehouses and Quality Packaging
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Regular Quality Control
  • Ethical Practices
  • Care for Environment

Quality Assured Production of Healthcare Items for Manufacturing Services

We maintain the accuracy of every formulation of our products to ensure that none of our customers faces obstacles. It is simpler to store our updated merchandise and send it to the needed location because warehouse facilities are readily available. Additionally, our exporting services have the appropriate security measures and labelled packing so that there is a significant increase in the shelf life of our products.

Brand Name Composition
AMOXYCLAV-1200mgAmoxycillin -1000mg + Clavulanic Acid- 200mg
CAPTHERArteether Injection
YoureefCefoperazone Injection
RadicefCeftazidime Injection
AxeenCeftriaxone Injection
RaghuroxCefuroxime Injection
IncubeCholecalciferol Injection
Clamoid-300Clindamycin Injection 
AspaDicyclomine Injection
SIOUSPASDrotaverine Hydrochloride Injection
Kapifer 50Iron Sucrose Injection 
Kapiro 250Meropenem Injection 
MicropenemMeropenem Injection
PAROCAM Piroxicam Injection


Why Choose Iskon Remedies for Third Party Manufacturing in Gurgaon?

We come with a vast number of advantages and are very knowledgeable in this field. As a result, our organisation considers every aspect of the manufacturing and exporting industries. Our business is quite progressive, whether it is in manufacturing our eye drops or providing the necessary support to our clients. Being the Top Manufacturer in India, we are always willing to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers and run our business responsibly.

  • Twelve Years of Experience
  • Wide Range of Quality Healthcare Products
  • Team of Research and Development Professionals
  • Ethical Practices to Formulate Products
  • Certifications from Reputed Agencies
  • Most Trusted Name Among Professionals


If you are a pharma professional looking for a top injection manufacturing company in Gurgaon, Iskon Remedies is the ideal choice. We are committed to our jobs and look forward to working with you and wish you luck in your upcoming pharma endeavours. 


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Phone Number: +91-9816011108, 8872345222

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