Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana – Iskon Remedies is indulged in the manufacturing and supply of Eye drops range across the globe. The company is known as the top Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana which offers a wide range of ophthalmic Products which are prepared under the supervision of our team of experienced staff. The entire production takes place in internationally recognized units of WHO and GMP. We collect our eye drops in a well-Controlled temperature room to reduce the risk of any contamination. As we are the top-notch eye drop Manufacturer in India we are also providing third-party manufacturing service in PAN India at inexpensive rates.

Iskon Remedies are the main manufacturer of eye medicines as we bring the most effective treatment in the market for the problems like pink eye, burring eye, irritation eye, and many eye ailments. For the processing of this pattern, our trained pharmacists use the best rank basic ingredients in the accurate composition and adhere to the pharmaceutical standards. Being the top Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana, we offer the range which is widely required among the market for its effectiveness, accurate pH value, longer shelf life, and high reliability.


To grab this chance of awards and benefits, please contact us anytime through +91-9816011108, 8872345222 Landline No. 01765-505706 or you can also reach via e-mail us at iskonremedies7@gmail.com. We are always here to assist you and present you with the valuable support that makes us feel happy supporting you to grow your business.

Extensive List of Eye Drops Offered by Iskon Remedies

Pharmaceutical Industry is one of the top causes for India’s economic growth and still it’s continually offering as demand for eye treatment is still high. We present our clients with a wide range of eye drops that are confirmed to be beneficial for any kind of eye disease the consumer is suffering from. Iskon Remedies have taken up an essential role in inventing its skilled knowledge with modern research and manufacturing techniques to provide the best eye drops in the market.

List of drugs offered by top Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana


Quality Control Measures Taken for Effective Production at Our Sites

Eye drops are the most reliable and effective treatment for eye issues. Iskon Remedies is the most trusted Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana that offers a wide medicine range at reasonable rates. The company is known for its effective medicine range and quality. Our firm follows strict work laws for the manufacturing of our products as quality is our top priority.

Some of the steps taken by us for quality assurance of the eye drop,

  • All eye drops are made up of rich compositions and formulations.
  • Before launching new medicines we always examine them.
  • We check and analyze medicines numerous times in our quality check station.
  • Only After getting the ok sign from our experts do we proceed with our stock in the packaging area.

Iskon Remedies manufactures a wide eye drop medicine range that covers various eye problems. All medicines are produced under expert supervision and come with DCGI certification thus we are the top Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana.

State-of-Art Manufacturing Facilities For Eye Drop Range

Iskon Remedies is all set to raise the standard of the ophthalmic industry in all parts of India with an exclusive range of eye treatments. We have tremendous years of experience and knowledge about eye drop production. All the leading medical organizations are connecting with us as we are the best Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana

Here are the factors that make us best in the market:

  • Our company owns GMP-WHP certified manufacturing units for the production of safe eye drops.
  • The wide range of products portfolio is supported by the DCGI and FSSAI.
  • We have tied up with the excellent delivery company for short time delivery service.
  • We offer modern technology-packed services to sustain their durability.

Partner With Top Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana

Being the leading Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Haryana, we encourage our business associates and support them to expand their marketing venture in all parts of India. Partners, who merge with us, get all the significant opportunities to grow in the market. We understand that through hard work, we can attain great profit for our venture. We are working dedicatedly to earn maximum profits and to offer the best treatment in the market.

Here is a perk that will be given to our associates:

  • Quality packaging for all the products.
  • Bulk order manufacturing for eye drop range.
  • Affordable production plans.
  • Liberty to work independently with no work pressure.
  • 100% customer support from our end.
  • Transparent deals with both parties.

Contact Details

Name- Iskon Remedies

Address-Dashmesh Complex, 14 A & B, 1st Floor, Rally Market, Sector 12-A, Panchkula, Haryana 134109


Phone No– +91-9816011108, 8872345222


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