Eye Drops Manufacturer in Telangana- The increasing number of eye disorders pushes the demand for ophthalmic products and that also indicates eye drops manufacturing companies to produce more eye drops. One of the top leading third party manufacturing companies, Iskon Remedies has now become a special Eye Drops Manufacturer in Telangana. The company expanded its services and has taken to South India where we have experienced high demand for ophthalmic products. The company manufactures the products in accordance with the WHO and GMP standards.

ISO certified Eye Drops Manufacturer in Telangana, Iskon Remedies has left a remarkable sign of its presence in the pharmaceutical market. The company has been working for the looking after of weak eye sights or disorders. Our company has a top-notch manufacturing facility in which cutting edge technology is being utilised to manufacture quality eye drops. In order to make the deal smooth and comfortable, we provide exceptional logistics services, safety. And also we keep most demanded products in our hand to fulfil the urgent requirement of the clients.

Eye Drops Manufacturer in Telangana

We are looking forward to providing the companies and distributors with our best eye drops manufacturing services in Telangana. Contact us today by calling at +91-9816011108, 8872345222 Landline No. 01765-505706 or you can also reach us via email at iskonremedies7@gmail.com.

Why Outsource Our Unit For Eye Drops Manufacturing In Telangana?

Iskon Remedies has become the best platform to get third party eye drops manufacturing services just because of our high proficiency in the ophthalmic field. The company has been bringing effective eye solutions to the market and found it to be the perfect destination to get services. Iskon Remedies not only deals with just eye drops but we also provide injections for both veterinary as well as human. We believe that if we live up to the expectation of the clients then all credit goes to our manufacturing plant where all our eye drops are manufactured. 

Take a look at the features of our top-notch manufacturing facility 

  • The highly skilled production team is appointed to manufacture quality eye drops.
  • Latest and hi-tech machines and other tools are being utilised to manufacture quality eye drops.
  • All machines are being greased and maintained in order to achieve higher production and maintain quality.
  • Our specialists utilise their analytical talents to preserve the products’ efficacy.
  • Because we are positioned in a duty-free zone, our items are deemed to be reasonably priced.

100% Effective Ophthalmic Products Offered By Iskon Remedies

Being a legitimate Eye Drops Manufacturer in Telangana, what we believe is that eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and there is not any chance of compromise with them. We manufacture the products after the R & D team comes up with the latest and effective compositions. Products are manufactured using a sustainable supply chain management system, which guarantees that resources are used as efficiently as possible. It also saves time while also providing excellent eye treatments. Our quality control staff inspects the items at every stage of manufacturing to maintain the quality.

Here Are Some Of The Major Eye Drops 

  1. Brinzolamide
  2. Bimatoprost
  3. Brimonidine
  4. Azithromycin
  5. Ciprofloxacin
  6. Atropine Sulphate
  7. Bromfenac Sodium
  8. Chloramphenicol
  9. Cyclopentolate
  10. Atropine Sulphate
  11. Bimatoprost + Timolol
  12. Brimonidine + Timolol
  13. Carboxymethylcellulose Sodium
  14. Betamethasone Sodium Phosphate
  15. Azithromycin + Dexamethasone Phosphate

Advantageous Eye Drops Manufacturing Company In Telangana

Incepted in 2005, Iskon Remedies has become a customer-oriented company that has the main aim to satisfy the customers just after manufacturing quality eye drops. The company gives full emphasis on fulfilling the needs of customers because they play a crucial role in running our company. The organisation has observed that in today’s scenario many companies and distributors are facing challenges while getting third party manufacturing services from any manufacturer. However, we being a top Eye Drops Manufacturer in Telangana comes with all solutions to make the services better.

  • Inventory- In order to fulfil the urgent demand of the clients we always keep most demanded products or as per the clients need at our warehouses.
  • Logistics- Our eye drops manufacturing company in Telangana always value the time of the clients and provide outstanding logistics services that ensure the on-time delivery of the products.
  • Customer Care- It is also the main issue that many companies do not provide customer care services. But we at an ophthalmic company appoints customer care representatives for our clients.
  • Safety- Although our packaging team packs the products accurately to prevent any kind of leakage, then also our staff adheres to all safety measurements to deliver the products safely.

Benefits Of Third Party Manufacturing For Eye Drops

Third party manufacturing methods have become popular in each sector. Especially in the pharma industry, it has become a preference of many pharma professionals due to various benefits. The major one is it is a hassle-free method, as the companies and distributors do not have to take any kind of worry regarding each production task. Moreover, it also removes any kind of financial burden because you do not need to put lots of money into enabling a manufacturing plant. This concept saves lots of time and helps the manufacturing users to focus on sales and promotions. If you are also looking for third party eye drops manufacturing in Telangana then first look at how we manufacture the ophthalmic products.

  1. We begin the production process by importing scientifically proven raw materials from reputable companies.
  2. Our raw materials are all separated, and our quality control staff inspects and removes any superfluous particles.
  3. The manufacturing process is started by our production team by processing all of the compounds in equipment.
  4. The production process includes mixing, granulation, grinding, coatings, filling, and other tasks.
  5. Following production, our packaging team appropriately wraps the products and offers attractive packaging.

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