Eye Drops Manufacturer in Chandigarh- Due to the increasing use of cell phones, there is a hike in the patient suffering from eye problems. Doctors usually prescribe a list of ophthalmic medicines and Eye drops are one of them.  It is a highly sold and purchase drug range in the market. Our company, Iskon Remedies has been contributing as Eye Drops Manufacturer in Chandigarh, to improve the eye problems of many patients. We have a vast manufacturing unit that enables us to match the quality requirements of not only customers but government guidelines. 

There are lots of factors, which are affecting the eye sights of people and directly impacting its demand in the market. Any product which has sound demand can ensure you a good demand in the market. There are lots of key players in the market, who are contributing well in this industry. Iskon Remedies is amongst the Top Eye Drops Manufacturer in Chandigarh. Eye Drop is very helpful in treating dry eyes, itching, redness, wateriness, and puffy, swollen eyes etc. It has sound demand in the market. Anyone, who is interested in starting up their business in this particular drug range then you will earn a good profit return in the market.

For more details, feel free to contact us anytime +91-9816011108, 8872345222 and drop us an email at iskonremedies7@gmail.com.

Eye Drops Manufacturer in Chandigarh

Highlights of Leading Eye Drops Manufacturer in Chandigarh

When it comes to the expertise firm, Iskon Remedies counted at the first place. We have invested so many years in this particular sector. From the quality manufacturing to the timely delivery, we focus on each and everything.  There are some basics rules of a pharma manufacturing company that we have been strictly following.

We believe that we are not only serving our customer but improving the health of the nation and giving our valuable efforts to the nation. Some of the highlights of our company are as follows:

  • Produced all the medicines on GMP and WHO Certified Unit
  • Do the quality checking of all the manufactured unit
  • Always stay updated with the medical trends and technology
  • Use rich quality raw materials for the formulation of medicines 
  • Match up the quality requirements of all the customers
  • Delivery manufactured drugs at best packaging
  • Regular update our company with reliable R& D Department 
  • Process the manufacturing tasks in an excise free zone etc.

Thus, we are the ideal company to associate with. We provide you with the massive support in terms of regular supply of quality medicines range for Eye Drops Manufacturing Service in Chandigarh.

Our Manufacturing Unit & Plants

With the support of our highly experienced team member, we have set up a  highly advanced manufacturing unit at premises. It is fully integrated with advanced plants and highly productive equipment. We give assurance to deliver the regular supply of medicine by continuously delivering the rich quality range of medicines. Since the starting, we have been focusing on setting up an advanced manufacturing unit as it is the backbone of our company. Some of the highlights of our infrastructure are as follows:

  • Spread over a wide piece of land
  • Backed by most experience team member
  • Deliver maximum productivity in the minimum time frame
  • Regular Upgrade with the latest market trend
  • All the fixed machinery are very productive in nature
  • It is well-supervised by the most experienced team member etc.

We have opted the most reliable manufacturing unit that helps us in delivering all the drug range with utmost care.  Our company is counted amongst the renowned domain. Thus, we take our responsibility very seriously.

Achievement & Capabilities

Iskon remedies, the foremost eye drops manufacturer have all the essential equipment and machinery, which are required for the formulation of medicines. With the help of our advanced manufacturing unit, we are capable to formulate bulk quantity range of medicines and deliver it on time. Since the starting, we have been catering the exact requirements that helped us in achieving their trust in the best possible manner. Since the starting, we have been focusing on week points and helps in achieving it in the best possible manner.

Iskon Remedies, Eye Drops Manufacturer in Chandigarh do not hesitate to use the advanced equipment and tools for the formulation of medicine range. This practice helps us in delivering the quality drug range as well as obtaining the WHO, GMP, ISO Certification and others.

Quality Control Eye Drops Manufacturing Process

  • Install and maintain an efficient quality management system in accordance with ISO and enhance its effectiveness continuously.
  • Meets the customer’s specific product quality requirements.
  • CGMP system adherence.
  • Quality management and CGMP training and awareness of employees.
  • Timely deliveries to the customer as agreed.
  • We are also dedicated to providing the infrastructure required and a clean working environment.

Our Warehouse Facilities

As we stated earlier that we are the leading Eye Drop Manufacturer company in India. Thus, we are capable to deliver our manufactured drug in all the areas and location. We have a reliable chain of distribution channels, who helps us delivering all the drug range in the most efficient manner. To stored or manufactured drug very carefully, we have prepared a warehouse facility in our company, which is fully integrated with the temperature control equipment and tools. It is our quality approach to deliver all the drugs at best and finest quality approach. 

So invest in the right business and get the regular supply of Eye Drop range. We the reputed eye drops manufacturer in Chandigarh is capable to meet the exact requirements of our customers in the most efficient manner. You can contact us by using the below-mentioned prices. 

Contact Details

All the given helplines are perfectly working. What you need to do is just give us a call so that we can reach you and provide you with all the possible support.

Name- Iskon Remedies

Address-Dashmesh Complex, 14 A & B, 1st Floor, Rally Market, Sector 12-A, Panchkula, Haryana 134109


Phone No– +91-9816011108 , 8872345222


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