Best Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to USA

Best Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to USA – The worth of drugs and pharmaceutical products in the year 2019 from India to the USA was valued at almost $6 Billion. India being a leader in the export market for the pharma sector, has also scored a figure of around $13 Billion. As per many estimates of many experts and reports the exports of India are about to touch Rs. 1.8 trillion in the financial year 2022. So if you are a Pharma Company or a pharma professional based in the United States Of America then consider Iskon Remedies as the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to USA.

Being a well-known pharma drugs exporting company in India, Iskon Remedies is also a Pharma Third Party Manufacturer of many kinds of medicines for both human and Veterinary Usage. Our firm exclusively deals in Human & Veterinary Injections (Dry and Liquid) and Eye/Ear/ Nasal Drops. All the norms of GMP, WHO, and IMA are followed and products are manufactured using hi-tech machines that make us the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to USA. The pharma range is offered at a very fair rate and strict quality measures are adopted for the manufacturing work. 

Best Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to USA

Why Does US Imports Medicines From Only India?

The United States Of America is one of the largest importers of pharma drugs. India being one of the biggest drug suppliers to the USA comes on the list of the top 5 pharma drug suppliers to the United States Of America. Our nation India holds more than 7% contribution to the total imports that the USA gets. Our country is at the top offering a wide range of various pharmaceuticals to all the neighboring countries. Take a look at some of the facts which govern the fact that India is the top exporter of medicines to The United States Of America and our firm is the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to the USA.

  • A low-cost economy offers labor cost arbitrage that saves a lot of the potential cost.
  • India focuses offers medicines that are made after proper research and development.
  • In recent times India recorded an amount of almost $6 Billion for the medicines that were exported to the USA.
  • India is specialized in producing bulk production cheaper generic medicines of various kinds.

How Iskon Remedies Is The Prime Choice For Getting Pharma Medicines From India

Iskon Remedies commenced its work in the year 2005 and since then we haven’t looked back and that’s how we have established a successful benchmark in the pharma industry. The pharma medicines offered by us are of the top-class and the same is offered at a very fair rate of price. We are also ranked in the list of the best pharmaceutical export companies in India. The WHO-GMP-approved manufacturing facility of our company is located on a wide piece of land. Due to the manufacturing work done by us, we have received a lot of honors and certificates till now as our efforts are recognized across the globe.

  • All the dealings and transactions done by us are completely transparent.
  • On-time delivery is given by us as we are having an efficient transportation infrastructure.
  • Separate divisions are used by us for all kinds of manufacturing work.
  • The injectable and all other ranges offered by us are made by using hi-tech machines.
  • To keep the final product safe, we store them in a sterile environment.

Quality Assurance Given On All The Offered Products For Export Purposes

Quality is one of the major factors that decided the future of a product no matter what kind it is. That’s why special emphasis is paid by us regarding the same so that the importing country can get the required medicines having good quality. A very good supply chain management is also there with us that ensures that there is almost no wastage of raw material and efforts of the workforce. This practice also helps us to offer the final products bearing a very low amount of price tag. The quality inspection team working with our firm is very hardworking and they don’t leave even a single bit of a chance of any kind of breakage or leakage. 

  • Regular inspection is done by the team of pharma professionals who are working with us.
  • The raw material that we use for the production of all the medicines is sourced by the pharma experts who are having a rich experience in the pharma sector.
  • Packing is done in such a manner so as to avoid any chances of leakage or breakage of the final product.
  • A very efficient production line is used for manufacturing the products offered by our organization.

Procedure For Importing Pharmaceutical Products From India

No matter what kind of business are you involved in. There is a procedure which is to be followed by the Top Pharmaceutical Exporter From India to the USA. The Pharma industry isn’t an exception and that’s why there’s a procedure that needs to be followed in order to import medicines to the USA from India. The import of pharmaceuticals in the United States Of America is strictly regulated by the process including prior approval by the FDA and some other agencies. In it, the product which is to import is to be first submitted for attaining the approval of the FDA. 

  • First of all obtain a license from FDA which will come under the United States Federal Food, Drug.
  • Then after obtaining the license contact the FDA about the products that you want to import into the USA by using a notification before having all the details of the medicines that you want to import.
  • After that, the importation data is to be transmitted to the designated Customs and Border Protection station, which will further inspect the other documents.
  • After having their approval, ship the product to the desired location where they are meant to get.
  • The Customs and Border Protection department needs some additional documents such as a bill of lading, invoice, and packing, a commercial invoice, a certificate of origin, a customs bond, an inbound cargo manifest, or an immediate delivery form. The same must be filled or shown to the respective officer who will in charge of the situation.
  • In the end, two important papers are to be filled i.e, the entry summary (US Customs Form 7501) and applicable invoices.

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