Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India To Myanmar

Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Myanmar – Iskon Remedies is one of India’s leading exporters of pharma medicines all over the globe. A wide range of Human & Veterinary Injections (Dry and Liquid) and Eye/Ear/ Nasal Drops are offered for exporting purposes in Myanmar also. The norms laid by WHO, and GMP IMA are followed for manufacturing purposes to come up with the best possible end result. Our firm being the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Myanmar offers its services to all pharma associates based in Myanmar.

During the time period of 2021, The exports of pharmaceutical products to Myanmar from India were US$298.51 Million. The value of Medicaments solely was around $200.41 Million. Our firm Iskon Remedies is also a well-known pharma third-party Manufacturer of various pharma ranges that is having good demand in Myanmar. Our pharma organization supports a wide customer base by providing cost-effective pharma formulations to them for import purposes. Cutting-edge technology with a hi-tech manufacturing plant is used by the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Myanmar.

Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Myanmar

Current Scenario In Myanmar For Pharma Imports From India

India being a leading pharma exporter of Myanmar has many top pharma companies in India that support the needs of people based in Myanmar. The requirements for various pharma needs are increasing at a very high rate in Myanmar. To support this cause the government has also introduced various reforms for the same purpose so that the top 10 pharma companies in Myanmar can come forward and get linked with the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Myanmar for providing people with top-notch pharma products at a very fair rate.

Some of the points that highlight the need for medicines and other pharmaceuticals in Myanmar is given below:

  • It is estimated that more than 40% of the total pharma requirement of Myanmar is imported from India.
  • The pharma range that is having the most demand is the ayurvedic and herbal range.
  • In the year 2017, the amount of trade that took place from India to Myanmar was around  $181.5 million.
  • India is at the top of the list of the top exporters of pharmaceutical products for Myanmar.

How To Import Pharma Products From India To Myanmar?

No matter what kind of business it is, all of them are linked to some kind of adjustments and rules and regulations. Being a well-known pharma drugs exporting company in India, all of our efforts are directed towards achieving the goal of ensuring that the end customer gets complete satisfaction in the best possible manner. Not following the rules and regulations may end the importer and sometimes the exporter in jail also. Have a look at the process of exporting pharma medicines from India to Myanmar. 

  • The importer must register himself with the FDA and he must be a resident of Myanmar.
  • Then an authorization letter must be given from the foreign manufacturer to the local party.
  • The individual who is the importer must have a special registration certificate for pharmaceuticals known as a drug importation approval certificate.
  • Then some samples of the pharma products that are to imported must be imported and should be submitted to the FDA to take their approval.
  • Then the importer must submit an application regarding the import price confirmation at MPMEEA. It must be noted that is required in case of a new product only. The documents that are needed for it are given below.

Some of the documents required under it are:

  • Data format form issued by MPMEEA for application
  • Usage of Medicine
  • Respective Original Drug Registration Certificate ( DRC ) issued by Myanmar Food and Drug Board of Authority
  • Original Drug Importation Approval Certificate (DIAC) issued by Myanmar FDA of import applied company
  • Membership Certificate of MPMEEA
  • Then step comes to the date entry process at the import section and it is subjected under Ministry of Commerce.

Documents required under it are:

  • Import application document
  • Self-commitment for import price confirmation for new items.
  • Usage of Medicine
  • Proforma Invoice
  • Sale Contract
  • Import price confirmation endorsed by MPMEEA for the new item.
  • The next step consists of the L/C opening procedure that is done at Myanma Foreign Trade Bank, Yangon. 

Documents required under it are:

  • L/C data entry form issued by banks
  • Cheque ( 2 sets )
  • Bank passport ( 2 copies )
  • Import license original and one copy
  • Two copies of the Proforma Invoice

How Iskon Remedies Is The Top Pharma Exporter From India To Myanmar?

Iskon Remedies commenced its work in the year 2005 and since then due to the hard work that we did, we have established our name as a reputed pharma exporter from India. The ranges offered by us mostly consist of injectables range for both human and veterinary purposes. We also deal in eye drops and sprays for different health disorders. The main aim of our company is to make sure that the needs of all the individuals get met in a proper manner so that they can further supply the required medicines to their concerned people in the most feasible manner.

Some of the salient features of our company are given below:

  • All the equipment that we make use of is of hi-tech nature and regular lubrication is done on all of them.
  • In order to maintain proper performance for 100% efficacy in the end result, we service the machines on a regular basis.
  • We do the business with complete transparency that attracts more potential customers.
  • Our research team also finds out new and latest formulations and introduces the same in the pharma sector.
  • On-time delivery is given to all importers in Myanmar so that they don’t suffer any kind of problem in the coming future.
  • The manufacturing unit of our company is set up on a wide piece of land that allows us to do the manufacturing work properly.

Quality Assurance Given On All Offered Products For Export Purposes In Myanmar

Quality is one of the major factors that decided the scope of the products, especially in the pharma sector. It gets noticed by all people no matter what their age is as it will offer them effective relief from the problems that they have regarding their health. Iskon Remedies being the most reputed pharma medicine exporter in Myanmar from India ensure that the end customer will get the most benefit out of the offered product by our side. 

Plus there are so many companies who just offer the same product to their linked pharma associates in other nations such as Myanmar but what makes them different is the quality aspect that it holds. The supply chain management adopted by our firm is also noteworthy as it doesn’t allow the possibility of any problem being raised in the final product that we offer. Have a look at some of the features that tell about the quality aspect that we hold.

  • The raw material that we sources is of the best possible quality as we don’t want to compromise on the quality part.
  • The rules and regulations that are laid by various regulatory institutions like GMP, GLP, etc are followed by our firm.
  • To maintain proper efficacy in the production process regular quality checks are done by our associates.
  • The quality control crew makes sure to follow the global standards in various forms.

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