Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India- Being an Indian citizen, we are more dependent on Animals for many resources like milk, eggs, meat etc. There are many farms and herds presents in India. They own up a vast number of animals for drawing such resources. To ensure the good health of all those pets,  they use Veterinary Products, Injections or medicines. Luckily, Iskon remedies have introduced itself as the leading Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India for the well being of the animals. All the medicines that we provide are quality approved and opted by many healthcare professionals.

Our company owns up a highly advanced manufacturing unit, which is fully integrated with high-tech machinery and cutting-edge technology. It is spread over a wide piece of land with a clear motive to consist of the maximum number of machinery and equipment. Through our modern infrastructure, we are capable to deliver the bulk quantity range of medicine for the smooth business operation. Our hired professionals and experts are quite strict with quality assurance. At Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India, we focus on quality manufacturing to the delivery.

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Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India

List of Medicines at Iskon Remedies | India’s Best Veterinary Manufacturer 

With the help of our advanced manufacturing facilities, we can deliver a broad list of Veterinary drugs on the market. Our company is counted amongst the top Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India that comes up with lots of responsibility on us such as meeting the quality expectation.

We, Iskon Remedies the reputed Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer are capable to meet the drug requirement of our customers in the most efficient manner. Go through the below-mentioned points to know the list of Veterinary Medicine:

  • Acepromazine
  • Alprazolam 
  • Bethanechol 
  • Bupivacaine 
  • carprofen
  • Cefpodoxime 
  • Deracoxib 
  • Dexamethasone
  • Doxycycline 
  • Enalapril 
  • Fenbendazole 
  • Gabapentin etc.

Quality Control & Assurance 

Quality Assurance is an important commitment that a pharma Veterinary Medicine Manufacturing Company in India can ever make. Our company is quite capable to provide you with the rich quality range of veterinary medicine along with the maximum quality assurance in all the drugs. To always keep our position in the list of top Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer, we apply the best ever manufacturing procedure in our company that ensures us the best ever production of medicines.

Our quality controller is quite reliable in terms of detecting the flaw in our every manufactured drug range. We keep it as a priority as we are the leading Pharma Manufacturer in India. Here is the list of our quality measurement that we have prepared in our company for checking out our each manufactured unit such as:

  • Effectiveness
  • Reliability
  • Purity
  • Side Effective
  • Accurate pH Value etc

We test our drug range without giving any cruel impact on the animal. Our doctors are quite strict in ensuring the maximum quality assurance in all the medicins range. 

Production Procedure at Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer

Our company opts the strict manufacturing unit on the premises. All the manufacturing tasks in our company are executed by the most experienced team member, who is already well-aware of the production of a variety of medicine range. Here is the step-by-step instruction as for how we process our manufacturing tasks:

  • Selection of Raw material– We understand that the quality manufacturing process of Veterinary Medicines starts from the selection of chemical extracts that we are using for the formulation of our goods. All the chemical extracts are medically checked before coming into the manufacturing process.
  • Inspection of fixed machinery– Before sending and processing the manufacturing tasks, We thoroughly inspects all the fixed machinery and ensure smooth functioning. Manufacturing plants are responsible for formulating the quality drugs. Thus, we make sure that we always have top functioning plants. 
  • Quality Checking- After the production, we thoroughly send all the finished medicines to the quality department. In this department, all the quality controllers check each and every manufactured unit and ensure the accurate composition, effectiveness, pH Value, side effective etc.
  • The packaging of finished machines- Along with the formulation tasks, we also focus on the quality packaging of all the manufactured unit. Our company has prepared a separate packaging department, which is responsible for using the best technique and methods for packaging all the manufactured goods. 

Thus, we give assurity of our actions, whether our each product range is effective and capable to deliver you the best ever product range.

Our Reliable Logistics and Distribution Channels

We, Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India are associated with the best ever logistics partner, who ensure us the timely delivery of medicine in the most efficient manner. They let us go down in terms of quality manufacturing all the drug. Our logistics has a huge chain in the market, which is spread over wide areas and ensure the timely delivery of all the medicines range.

They are further associated with many leading logistics network and distribution channels to ensures that our customers will get all their order on time. Our distribution channels also focus on the quality packaging of all our manufactured drugs. They let us go down in terms of timely delivery of medicines. List of our target areas in which, we are providing and supplying our drug range:

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Baddi
  • Gujarat
  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Kerala etc.

Our distribution partners give us 100% assurance to deliver medicines on time and at best condition. 

The Insight of ‘Iskon Remedies’ 

As a Veterinary Medicine Manufacturer in India, we have gained immense expertise. Our company has been striving hard toward delivering maximum quality assistance to customers.  We apply the best ever manufacturing processing for the formulation of medicines.  We are working ethically and morally toward our goal that is to secure a healthy environment in the country. Since the very first day, our motive is quite clear. Here is the list of some of the highlights of our company:

  • We make use of the GMP and WHO Collaboration
  • Backed by a talented team of expert
  • Ensure the maximum quality range 
  • Deliver all the drugs on time
  • Process the manufacturing in excise free zone

Contact Details

For India, we have several veterinary formulations and can also produce more for India or for export. We have been well received on the market like India’s best veterinary manufacturer for many years. New veterinary products or veterinary medicines can also be produced on demand if the demand for such product is sufficiently high. You can also contact us during working hours at the inquiry numbers given on this page.

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Phone No– +91-9816011108 , 8872345222

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