Top Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam

Top Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam– Assam is a state that is desperately in need of quality medicinal supplies. And, since injections are the most widely used means of drug transmission, we have brought to you a wide range for usage in Pan India. Iskon Remedies is a Pharma Manufacturing Company that deals exclusively with injections in both categories of human and veterinary. Therefore, if you are looking for a company with a reliable supply of quality injections, we are the Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam you have been looking for.

Here at Iskon Remedies, we are a leading establishment that focusses solely on the quality for the production of our injections range. We use the latest technology equipment as well as the most pristine moulds for the production of our injections range. Our injectables are used for a variety of ailments. Our reach in Assam will have a great influence in the state with our quality medications. And, with our ISO and WHO certified machinery, we are creating a great impact on the Pharmaceutical Industry. Therefore, we have quickly become the Top Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam.

Top Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam

To know more about our range of injections or for more information on our manufacturing practices, do not hesitate to contact us. You may call us on the numbers +91-9816011108, +91 8872345222, or write to us at

Take up the Lucrative Opportunity of Investing in a Pharma Manufacturing

Investing in a Pharma manufacturing company is very profitable for certain pharma companies. Here at Iskon Remedies, we have learned through years of experience the importance of good manufacturing as well as laboratory practices. This is the reason why we have gotten certifications from the WHO and the ISO. You should invest in an injections manufacturing company like ours because of the following reasons.

  1. The production processes done at manufacturing companies is far more cost-effective than those done at a company that exclusively deals in manufacturing.
  2. If a line of Injection is higher in demand than any other, then bulk manufacturing will bring you great deals and exclusive discounts.
  3. Investing in a Pharma Manufacturing Company you also get a chance to be in contact with a company that has all the necessary approvals and certifications.
  4. You get to do all the marketing research and be ahead of the curve on that front. Therefore, you can uplift the market status of your company with this business model.

Therefore, there are many benefits of joining a Pharma Manufacturing Company that is good at what they do. This method of doing business is both economical and efficient. Also, this way you get only the certified products for sales.

Iskon Remedies- The Top Injection Manufacturer and Supplier in Assam

Our manufacturing company is one that makes use of the best ingredients and packaging materials for our injections range. Our syringes are made in world-class manufacturing facilities using the latest technology. Here are some reasons to partner up with us for your Pharma Manufacturing needs.

  • Usage of quality raw materials.
  • Cost-effective working.
  • Using the best machinery.
  • Support of thousands of doctors.
  • Recommendation of most physicians.
  • A trustworthy team of scientists.
  • A great highly-skilled staff.
  • Reliable R&D sector.
  • A number of quality testing agents.
  • Effective Quality Control department.

Why are we Looking to Spread our Services in the State of Assam?

Assam is a destination that has a wide scope for small businesses. This is a place where pharma companies have a lot to sell. Therefore, there is a need for an Injection supplier in Assam. We are looking to expand our empire and have thus chosen this location to provide our wonderful services. Here are some facts that resonate with our company to open our doors to Assam for Pharmaceutical Business.

  1. With a population of about 3.5 crores, this is a state that could use a medical provider that has done extensive medical research.
  2. This is a state where the mosquito-borne diseases have taken over, for example, malaria, dengue and chikungunya have engulfed the state.
  3. And, Assam is ridden with widespread diseases such as Japanese encephalitis (JE), lymphatic filariasis which are the majority concerns related to health.

Types of Injections Manufactured at our Contamination-Free Plants

There are many types of injections that we produce here at our manufacturing facilities. These are made with the best materials and with the most accurate compositions. Here is a variety of injections that Iskon Remedies, the Top Injection Manufacturer produces.

  • Intramuscular Injections: These injections are widely used and are administered deep into the muscles. By this method, the drug is involved in the bloodstream quickly and more efficiently.
  • Intravenous Injections: Intravenous injections are the most widely used injections. These are administered into the veins of a person and ensure maximum effectiveness. Here at Iskon Remedies, we make sure to make our pristine injections with sterile technology.
  • Subcutaneous Injections: Subcutaneous meaning under the skin, are a range of injections that take longer to come to affect. In this method, the injection is administered in the tissue that is between the skin and the muscle.

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