IVERMECTIN I.P. Injection Manufacturer in India

IVERMECTIN I.P. Injection is called an effective injectable parasiticide, primarily used for Cattle and Swine.  It consists of the 1% Sterile Solution. This injection manufactured at our facilities is a parasiticide that is used for the Treatment and Control of Internal and External Parasites on the animal.  Some of the Parasites, it is helpful in treating are grubs, mange mites of cattle, lungworms, sucking lice and gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, lice, and mange mites in swine.

Iskon Remedies is the largest contributor to all veterinary products produced in India. The IVERMECTIN I.P. injections have various uses in the Pharmaceutical and medical industry. Iskon Remedies has a fine line of Injections for Veterinary use. We are an injections manufacturer dealing with the production of Levofloxacin-100mg/ml, Ofloxacin-60mg/ml, Ceftriaxone 4gm, and Levofloxacin-50mg/ml. However, our research has led us to be the biggest and most respected IVERMECTIN IP injection manufacturer in India.

IVERMECTIN I.P. Injection Manufacturer in India

To contact us to know about the availability of Ivermectin I.P. injections, you may call on our numbers +91 8872345222, +91 981601110. For more information on our wide range of veterinary injections, you may also send us your queries at iskonremedies7@gmail.com.

For Whom Ivermectin I.P. Injections are Formulated?

Firstly, let us discuss the various applications of this revolutionary product that relieves so many animals of so many unwanted diseases. This medicinal Injection can be used on the following animals:

  • Beef Cattle
  • Bison
  • Dairy Cattle
  • Sheep
  • Camels
  • Swines

In addition, this Injection comes in a clear, convenient, sterile solution form and contains

  • 1% Ivermectin
  • 40% Glycerol formal
  • 5% Benzyl alcohol (Added preservative), and
  • Propylene glycol.

It is then prepared to be delivered in the recommended dose level of ‘200 mcg Ivermectin/kilogram’ corresponding to the bodyweight of say, the cattle and then it is given at the rate of 1 ml/50 kg by mass. As Ivermectin manufacturer, we make sure to put the accurate composition of all constituents in our injections range.

The Various Uses of the IVERMECTIN IP Injection

This injection finds multiple purposes in the veterinary community of medications. That said, Ivermectin IP Injection is mainly used for the effective treatment and for controlling of the very harmful types of gastrointestinal Roundworms, Lungworms, Grubs, Sucking Lice, and Mange Mites in cattle. Therefore, as a manufacturer of Ivermectin Ip injection, we know its detailed uses:

  • Ivermectin IP comes from the branch of medicines called anthelmintics.
  • In fact, the working of this injection takes place by the action of paralyzing and finally killing the parasites that are involved in depreciating the health of the animal.
  • This type of injection is highly recommended to treat any and all parasitic roundworm infections.
  • Moreover, Treating parasitic infections can be vastly helpful for the long life of the animal in concern and also improves their quality of life.
  • Providing Ivermectin IP to animals with weak immunities can prove marvelous for them. Because treating these various harmful infections can potentially reduce their risk of developing a severe or life-threatening infection.
  • Lastly, even a low-volume dose can effectively treat any and all internal and external parasitic infections that are involved in damaging the health of cattle and swine.

Administration of Ivermectin IP Injection

Ivermectin Injection is readily available at our facilities at Iskon Remedies. And it is available in a 100 ml setting which is generally suitable to all our customers. Therefore, the points below would guide you as to how the Ivermectin IP injection is supposed to be administered.

  • IVERMECTIN Injection is given only in the subcutaneously. This reduces any risk of the occurrence of a potentially fatal clostridial infection at the site where the injection is administered.
  • The animal should preferably be properly restrained for the accurate administration of the injection.
  • Also, the use of a 16-gauge 0.5 to the 0.75-inch needle is highly recommended.
  • Most importantly, the injection must be administered directly under the loose skin either in the front or behind the shoulder of the cattle.

Precautions to Keep in mind While Using Ivermectin I.P.

Consultation with a proper veterinarian for proper diagnosis and help in the administration of Ivermectin I.P. for the treatment of internal and external parasites of the animal is crucial. Below mentioned facts are very important to keep in mind when dealing with this medicinal injection.

  • If Ivermectin I.P. comes in contact with the soils it gets attached and a tightly formed amalgam is formed. Hence, it then becomes useless.
  • And, the medicine of Ivermectin I.P also should not be introduced to water that is home to fishes as it may adversely affect their health.
  • It is crucial that you do not let this medication loose into the runoff as it may affect the growth of crops.
  • Ivermectin I.P. injection, like all medications, passes through the system of cattle and is then excreted in the dung.
  • This dung, however, has proven to stop the reproduction and growth of pests and insects that use the dung as a source of food and also their reproduction.

As Ivermectin Injection manufacturers we are always stocked and ready. Contact us today for any of your veterinary needs.

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