Injection and Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Mizoram

Injection and Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Mizoram – The healthcare market in India is expected to reach U$$ 372 billion by 2022, driven by rising incomes, spreading healthcare awareness, lifestyle diseases and increasing access to insurance. It has become one of the largest sectors in terms of employment and revenue. Research shows that the healthcare market can increase three-fold to Rs 8.6 trillion by 2022. The statistics are clearly showing that this field is developing in every second. However, there is a huge demand for the Injection and Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Mizoram. The state of Mizoram is situated in the northeast part of India. The pharmaceutical industry is growing strenuously there. One of such rising third-party manufacturing company is ISKON REMEDIES.

Iskon Remedies is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in Mizoram. Our company is the top manufacturer of injection for human and veterinary as well as eye drops. Our two Manufacturing Plants situated at Kala-Amb (Just at a distance of 60KM from Chandigarh) in the names of ISKON REMEDIES since 2005 & GMT (General Machine Tools) since 2016, with the dedicated and ultra-modern facilitated technology as per ISO Standards & WHO guidelines. Moreover, Injection and Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Mizoram are vividly growing. We Exclusively Deal in Manufacturing of all type of Human & Veterinary Injections (Dry and Liquid) – Betalactum, Non-Betalactum, Cephalosporins, Carbapenems, Liquid Injectables, the Company manufactures more than 350 products & molecules, under different brand names for parties all over India, which are tested at our own In House Quality Control Laboratories, at both the plants.

Injection and Eye Drops Manufacturing Company in Mizoram

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Best Manufacturers In Mizoram For Injection And Eye Drops

Pharma business is one of the highest demanded business in India. Mizoram is receiving a good demand for medicines. The medical facilities, hospitals, and doctors are increasing there with the passage of every year. They started involving themselves in the pharma industry. Iskon Remedies is also contributing to this progress.

  1. The most promising and committed Third Party Pharma Manufacturer who delivers quality products intending to spread a healthy environment.
  2. Having the best and advanced R&D department which consistently innovating and updated us with the latest trends.
  3. We are having every new technique of technology which is available in the market.
  4. Has WHO&GMP certification, every product is checked on some quality parameters by the proficient authorities.
  5. We believe in transparency, client’s satisfaction is our prior most objective.
  6. The drugs which are used in our products are consist of good quality and maintain a balance.

Wide Range of Eye Drop Products

Research shows that between 50% and 90% of people who work at a computer screen are suffering from eye problems. Not only working adults but kids are affected by it too. Using computers at school and staring at the screen for a long time arises such kind of diseases. Prolonged use of any digital device is the main cause of eye problems. Maintaining your eye health is the only solution to reduce and protect from such harmful problems.

  1. Reliable manufacturing firm of eyedrops and delivering it with the premium quality range.
  2. We make sure that the raw material used in the formulation of drugs is of high and rich quality.
  3. Offers product at a very pocket-friendly rate, we believe in providing relief.
  4. The quality of the product, as well as drugs, is checked on different quality parameters.

Wide Range Of Human Injections  

We manufactured the widest and finest range of pharmaceuticals injectables at best rates. One of the best manufacturers of injectables with high quality and effective impact products. We are working for the enhancement of health care. Our human range injections are manufactured by using all the advanced pieces of equipment to maintain their quality. We claim to be the top manufacturer of human range injections. We are having different varieties of dry and liquid injections.

Dry Injections

  1. Ceftriaxone
  2. Ceftriaxone + Sulbactam
  3. Meropenem
  4. Piperacillin + Tazobactam
  5. Ceftazidime
  6. Ceftazidime + Sulbactam
  7. Cefoperazone
  8. Cefoperazone + Sulbactam
  9. Cefepime
  10. Cefepime + Tazobactam
  11. Cefuroxime
  12. Cefuroxime + Sulbactam

Liquid Injections

  1. L-Ornithine-Aspartate Infusion
  2. Methylcobalamin
  3. Arteether
  4. Clindamycin
  5. Cholecalciferol
  6. Drotaverine
  7. Diclofenac
  8. Iron Sucrose
  9. Nandrolone Decanoate
  10. Ondansetron
  11. Piroxicam
  12. Tranexamic Acid

Veterinary Products Range 

The healthcare sector has evolved so the progress that now we have medical aid for animals as well. The treating and curing of diverse types of birds and animals. Iskon Remedies strives to provide veterinarians, animal owner and other livestock farmers what is best for the health of their pets. Our Injection Range covers the wide range of Veterinary Injections like iso fluid injection veterinary, hivit injection, surreal injection, marbodac injection, etc. Iskon Remedies offers a variety of veterinary injections for farm animals such as poultry, cattle, fish, sheep, and pigs as well as for our companion animals like cats, dogs, rabbits, and horses, etc. Our Veterinary Injection Range portfolio reflects the work of our team to deliver the best to the customers. The vaccines manufactured at Iskon are at complete compliance with client needs for regulatory approvals and market access.


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