Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry

Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry – Iskon Remedies is one of the top eye drops and Injection manufacturing companies in India. In today’s fast-paced world, eye drops are mainly used for redness in eyes, dry eyes, glaucoma, trachoma and, conjunctivitis, etc. Whereas Injections are mostly in high demand as they are the fastest way to transfer medicines in the human body. Iskon Remedies is known as the best Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry.

Iskon Remedies is a Pharma Manufacturing Company that exclusively manufactures a wide range of injections for both Human and Veterinary use. The company believes in using the best and purest solutions for injectable and eye drops for manufacture. The mission they work on is to preserve the quality of the medicines and provide healthcare to all at reasonable prices. Now they also provide business opportunities to all parts of Indian by giving Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry.

Our company provides you with quality assurance, effective, safe, and pure human and veterinary injections. To avail of our manufacturing services or want to get any information regarding our company. Feel free to call us at +91-9816011108, 8872345222, or you have another option of emailing us at iskonremedies7@gmail.com.

Iskon Remedies the Top Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer

Iskon Remedies is one of the companies which are exclusively working on injections and eye care products. Our company has gained trustworthy clients around the country by providing them with high-quality and assured injections and eye drops range which is manufactured under WHO and GMP norms. The factors that make us the top Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry are,

  • We are working with the best of scientists, we have made a huge impact on the Pharmaceutical Market with our loyal customer base.
  • We have a lot to offer in terms of services for the customers and clients.
  • Our company has experienced staff and knows the requirements of the consumers.
  • Have Connections with over 5000 doctors, especially ophthalmologists.

Iskon Remedies for Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry

Iskon Remedies works following the standards provided by the Indian Medical Assocaition. This company is renowned for the reason that it produces a line of products that have been manufactured and checked by the specialty. Some of the top range offered for Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry.

The list of Eye Drops Offered by Us:

  2. Moxifloxacin
  3. Carboxymethyl Cellulose Sod.+ SOC (CMC)
  4. Gatifloxacin
  5. Moxifloxacin + Loteprednol
  6. Nepafenac
  7. Ofloxacin
  8. PEG-400 + Propylene Glycol
  9. Sodium Hyaluronate
  10. Tobramycin
  11. Timolol, etc.

Iskon Remedies have even more eye drop range which gives you more options to choose from them.

Injection Range by Top Pharma Manufacturers –  Iskon Remedies 

Iskon Remedies provide you with a wide range of injections in both forms that include,

Veterinary Injection Range

We provide veterinarians, animal owners, and other livestock farmers what is best for the health of their pets. Our Injection Range covers a wide range of Veterinary Injections like

  • Isoflud injection veterinary,
  • Hivit injection,
  • Surral injection,
  • Marbodac injection etc.

Human Injection Range

We also have a huge range of dry and liquid injection range to offer for humankind. All the manufacturing is done under an expert’s supervision to provide the best quality range of injections that include,

  • Antibiotics, 
  • Analgesics, 
  • Antifungal 
  • Gastrointestinal, 
  • Ophthalmology, 
  • Dermatology, 
  • Neuropsychiatry, 
  • Veterinary preparations, etc.

Our company is offering a much more wide range of injections for the Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry. All the manufacturing of the Eye Drops and Injection are done under quality assured units.

Benefits Offered by the Best Eye Drops and Injection Manufacturer in Pondicherry

Iskon remedies are known as the best manufactured in India as all the Drug range manufactured in our company go through several checks before getting delivered to our clients. We have a special team of experts who look at the manufacturing process themselves from the production of a drug to the packaging. Delivery an unqualified range of drugs from our company is never an option. We offer effective healthcare treatment in the market with the help of our state-of-matter infrastructure.

  • New and better Innovations are added to increasing demand for the products in the market.
  • Tie-up with the best logical team for the on-time delivery of the drugs.
  • We use modern Technology and High tech machinery in our company.
  • Skilled and experienced workers to supervise product production.
  • Provide all certified documents to avoid future issues.
  • Work under WHO-GMP notes to assure the quality of the products.
  • Fastest manufacturing of Bulk orders
  • Assured quality packaging.
  • Easy investment plans according to the client demand.

The pharmaceutical sector does not demand huge investment as you can start your own business with friendly pocket investments by joining our well-regulated and established company.

Contact Information

Name- Iskon Remedies

Address-Dashmesh Complex, 14 A & B, 1st Floor, Rally Market, Sector 12-A, Panchkula, Haryana 134109

Phone No– +91-9816011108, 8872345222



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