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Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Nepal– Iskon Remedies is the leading pharma company that manufactures the best quality medicines to deliver to the national and international market. With a contribution to the global market value of more than 300 billion INR, India plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry. These numbers are constantly increasing each year by 40 to 50 billion due to the expanding need for medicines. Being the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Nepal, Iskon Remedies has entered the market on a global scale. Among other countries, we supply pharmaceutical products to Nepal, Sri Lanka, Europe, South Africa, and the Iskon Remedies.

Since Iskon Remedies has been committed to advancing society, many people consider us to be the best pharmaceutical exporter from India to Nepal. The business is a pharmaceutical manufacturing company with ISO certification. Our premium pharmaceutical products are created in compliance with WHO and GMP standards to compete with the worldwide level of products. All products have been shown to be incredibly effective and are DCGI and FSSAI certified. Tablets, capsules, primarily injectables, eye drops, and other pharmaceutical ranges are among the company’s exports to Nepal. In addition to the numerous advantages of SEZs, our units also benefit from cutting-edge technology and effective procedures. The knowledgeable and experienced personnel guarantees that you receive premium-quality, long-lasting medicine compositions.

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Best Pharmaceutical Company in India for Exporting Medicines to Nepal

A market leader in the pharmaceutical sector, Iskon Remedies exports drugs worth millions of dollars. Numerous pharmaceutical companies from various nations connect with us to obtain exclusive importing agreements due to our medicine exporting company’s competence in offering pharmaceutical products all over the world. Although we work with clients from all over the world, we also have a production plant of our own in India. The main destinations for pharmaceutical exports are the United States, Europe, Kenya, Nepal, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Egypt, Bhutan, Maldives, Afghanistan, and South Africa.

Additionally, our state-of-the-art production facility, which is situated on a sizable piece of land and includes distinct sections for each sort of activity (such as teams for pressing, laminating, and quality checking), produces all of our products. It increases our production process’ overall effectiveness and offers us high-quality pharmaceutical goods. We are among the top pharmaceutical companies in the world because of this.

  • High-tech equipment is used in the production of high-quality goods.
  • For improved performance, all of the equipment is greased and serviced here.
  • At affordable costs, more than 400 medicinal goods are offered.
  • Iskon Remedies always operates with complete openness, which draws more customers.
  • To stay current, the research team frequently introduces the newest pharmaceutical goods.
  • Since we have a logistics crew on staff, we are able to deliver the products in a specific amount of time.

What Makes Iskon Remedies the Trusted Exporter from India

We have done extremely effectively to provide a wide choice of pharmaceuticals to all individuals who have been associated with us from the beginning thanks to our extensive knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. Our company’s private labeling services are noteworthy because numerous healthcare professionals have given them high marks. Iskon Remedies possesses a number of qualities that are necessary for becoming India’s next top pharmaceutical company. We are also listed among the top pharmaceutical medicine exporting corporations from India due to our ties with numerous potential pharmaceutical companies. Take a look at some of the qualities that set us apart from the competition as the best pharmaceutical exporter from India to Nepal in the midst of it all.

  • Economic Services: The prices for the services we provide are quite reasonable. You may be certain that you’ll receive affordable services from our end once we’ve connected with the leading Indian exporter of pharmaceuticals.
  • Exporting Services: We provide private labeling, contract manufacturing, and third-party manufacturing services at a very reasonable price. In order for the linked pharma client to receive their products at the most competitive price, we also make every effort to keep the prices as low as possible.
  • High Productivity: We work tirelessly to ensure that the linked clients receive their just compensation in the most effective way possible. Because of this, we use the newest, most advanced equipment available to process requests in large quantities.

Procedure for Importing Pharmaceuticals from India to Nepal

However, with the new government regulations, it is now simpler to import pharmaceuticals into Nepal from India. The current arrangement promotes import-export trade between these two nations. Both nations profit in several ways as a result of the strengthening of their economy. Pharma items are helpful for maintaining people’s health and fitness in Nepalese society. We are prepared to assist you at every level in beginning a deal with an Indian pharmaceutical company in Nepal. We will now talk about the crucial actions that must be taken to begin with the Best Pharmaceutical Exporter from India to Nepal. Simply fill out the required documentation and deliver it to the Customs office to import goods from Nepal.

  • Obtain official authorization from the customs agent in Nepal.
  • BBN Form 4 of the NRB should be submitted for clearing products (Nepal Rastra Bank, where you must create an account).
  • A delivery order, often known as a bill of lading,
  • a letter to Nepal Rastra Bank asking for payment in advance.
  • For Inland Container Depots, TMC has ordered delivery.
  • One from Nepal (In-bond form) Customs Declaration for Nepal
  • It is required to send a packing list and a molecular list.

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