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Kapinaz is consist of Sodium Chloride Eye Drop. In some eye diseases, this medication is used to decrease swelling of the surface of the eye cornea. Reduced corneal edoema may alleviate eye pain or irritation caused by the swelling. To decrease edoema, this product draws fluid out of the cornea. In other words, sodium chloride hypertonic ophthalmic is used to treat corneal edoema induced by surgery, infection, or trauma. Usually, after using Sodium Chloride Eye Drop the eyes generate enough natural tears to allow them to move around freely and comfortably, as well as to eliminate dust particles.

Precautions For Sodium Chloride Eye Drop

Sodium Chloride Eye Drop should be instilled in the eyes twice a day. Use 1 drop and instil the corner of the eyes or close to the nose. Use daily and do not skip any of the doses for better results. The most important thing does not to forget to take proper consultancy from the doctor.

Side Effects Of Sodium Chloride Eye Drop

Sodium Chloride Eye Drop does not contain any strong chemical compound which may cause any side effects, but sometimes it may cause side effects like burning, sensation for a temporary time period. Inform the doctor if the patient faces any unusual effect on the body after using this eye drop.

Contact For Sodium Chloride Eye Drop Manufacturing And Supply

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