Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection

Rampzone 1.5

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Rampzone 1.5 is the combination of Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection which is a commonly prescribed medicine by doctors which is used to treat a wide variety of bacterial infections. From the two active ingredients, Cefoperazone works to stop the growth of the bacteria that is responsible for causing the infection. It is being used to treat a wide range of bacterial infections like throat, lung, skin, ear, sinus, soft tissues, and urinary tract. 

Sulbactam is linked to a class of Pharma drugs which are called beta-lactamase inhibitors that works to reduce the resistance and also increase the working capability of cefoperazone against bacteria. Treating the bacterial infection is very important as it can turn into serious issues later on if left untreated and Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection work very well to do the same.


Uses of Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection

Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection fight the microorganism in a very well manner which makes it an ingredient that can stop the growth of the bacteria.

  • Stops the spread of the infection and also kills the bacteria.
  • It is very effective against a wide range of bacteria.
  • The bacteria is destroyed and it is made sure that it doesn’t come back easily by the action of this medication.
  • The usage of it also reduces the resistance of the bacteria.

Side Effects Of Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection

Cefoperazone And Sulbactam Sodium Injection 

  • Diarrhea
  • Allergic reaction
  • Anemia
  • Abnormal liver function tests
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting

Directions For Use

  • It is given as an intravenous infusion or as an injection into the vein or a muscle.
  • This is to be used under the supervision of a medical expert and is not meant for self-administration.
  • Normally this medication makes the individual better in just a few days but its usage should be continued for as long as the doctor has prescribed it to be used.
  • Take proper rest while taking this medication as it will help in taking the possible advantage from it.
  • One can boost the working of this injection by taking proper rest along with it.


Safety Precautions

  • Dose adjustment may be required if the individual is having any other medical condition.
  • The consumption of this medication may cause drowsiness in some individuals and that’s why those tasks which require some form of attention should be skipped.
  • Alcohol consumption isn’t allowed while using this injection.
  • Let the doctor be aware if the patient is having any liver or kidney issues.
  • Although being safe but still taking a doctor’s advice becomes a necessity if the woman using these pharma drugs is pregnant or breastfeeding. 
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