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Artesunate Injection 

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Kapiart 120 is the combination of Artesunate Injection which is linked with a class of medications called antiparasitics. These are being used in the treatment of malaria and it should be noted that they aren’t used to prevent malaria from happening or treating severe malaria. Severe malaria is a condition in which the virus has affected the brain, kidneys, lungs. In some cases, it may be used along with some other medication also when the effect of only one single medicine isn’t effective enough.

Malaria is basically a life-threatening disease that is caused by a parasite that enters the human body by the bite of a mosquito and as a result, the individual gets infected by it. Treating malaria is very important as it can lead to some serious issues later on if left untreated as there are various cases in which it resulted in the death of various individuals. Artesunate Injection is being used to treat malaria caused by Plasmodium ovale or Plasmodium vivax.


Uses of Artesunate Injection

  • This injection is suggested where the oral administration isn’t found good or isn’t possible.
  • Harmful chemicals(free radicals) are produced within the parasite which kills it and as a result, the individual gets relief from the problem of malaria and its related symptoms.
  • It is used for treating the initial stages of malaria in adult and pediatric patients.
  • The individual also gets relief from some symptoms of malaria that may be there.


Side Effects

Artesunate Injection can cause some common yet mild side effects which aren’t serious in nature and they tend to go away with time as the body starts to adjust itself with time. Although it is advised to take the guidance of a healthcare expert if they tend to last a long time or if they don’t go away with time.

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Loss of appetite


Directions For Use

  • This injection is to be administered by a healthcare professional only.
  • It may take up to 4 weeks to see the effects of this medicine and that’s why it is suggested that it should be used continuously till the prescribed time period.
  • It is used as an intravenous medicine which is to be done under the guidance of a healthcare expert only.
  • After this medicine is used in the injection form, the same is to be continued as an oral administration regimen. 


Safety Precautions

  • Refrain from taking any other medicine when using this medication especially antacids as they can reduce its effectiveness of it.
  • Don’t use this medicine for treating any other medical condition without consulting the doctor.
  • This medication may be unsafe to be used in pregnancy and as a result, the individual should use it after taking advice from a doctor.
  • It may cause some other issues as well like dizziness and that’s why it is not advised to do any activity which requires some kind of focus in it.
  • Don’t make any changes in the doses of this injection unless directed by the doctor.


Contact For Artesunate Injection Manufacturing And Supply 

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