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Droyzkap consists of Dorzolamide Eye Drops that are being used to treat glaucoma, which causes increased pressure in the eyes. Glaucoma is an eye disorder that causes damage to the optic nerve, which is required for better eyesight. This injury is frequently caused by extremely high ocular pressure. Dorzolamide belongs to a class of drugs known as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. It reduces fluid production in the eye, which improves ocular strain. Thus, lowering excessive intraocular pressure helps to avoid blindness and alleviates symptoms. Dorzolamide Eye Drops are also used to prevent ocular hypertension. 

Precautions For Dorzolamide Eye Drops

One drop of Dorzolamide Eye Drops should be instilled in the eyes or dose prescribed by the doctor. After using this drop, put your head in a rest position in order to allow the eyes to inhale these eye drops properly.

Side Effects Of Dorzolamide Eye Drops

Although the Dorzolamide Eye Drops is an effective ophthalmic solution, it has some side effects which can not be neglected. If any of the below mentioned side effects may persist then suddenly go to the eye specialist.

  • Dry Eyes
  • Headache
  • Weakness
  • Watery Eyes
  • Sensitivity Of Eyes To Light
  • Bitter Or Unusual Taste In Your Mouth

Contact For Dorzolamide Eye Drops Manufacturing And Supply

One of the top leading eyes drops manufacturers, Iskon remedies have left a remarkable sign of its presence in the pharma industry. Our company is ISO certified and working on various types of ophthalmic solutions which cure several eye disorders. This third-party manufacturing company is well recognised as a Dorzolamide Eye Drops manufacturer and supply. Moreover, we manufacture the products in a systematic production lane in order to maintain the quality of the products. Iskon Remedies also offers the third party manufacturing services for Dorzolamide Eye Drops.

  • Our manufacturing unit is well equipped with advanced machinery which is able to manufacture quality products in a bulk quantity.
  • The R&D team at our unit innovates ophthalmic compositions by knowing the demand for quality products.
  • Our Kala Amb based manufacturing plant offers duty-free deals to clients.
  • The unit is sanitized regularly to keep the area hygienic and contamination-free.
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