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CYCLOKAP-S consists of Cyclosporine Eye Drops used for treating dry eyes problem. It increases the tear production by decreasing the swelling in the eye. Cyclosporine Eye Drops keep the eyes lubricated which further reduces the discomfort in the eyes. Normally our eyes produce enough tears naturally so that they can move easily. But if they don’t, then they can become dry and painful. There are many reasons for eyes becoming dry like wind, sun, use of computer or phone, or usage of some other medications. 

Precautions for Cyclosporine Eye Drops

Cyclosporine Eye Drops must be used usually twice a day in the affected eye. Use it at the same time every day for better efficacy. Shake it properly and instill it with clean hands and wait for at least 15 minutes if using another eye medication. These drops are not recommended to be used in breastfeeding patients.

Side effects of Cyclosporine Eye Drops

Cyclosporine Eye Drops have minor side effects which don’t require medical help, but if they persist for a long while then let the doctor know about them.

  • Blurred vision
  • Burning sensation in eye

Contact for Cyclosporine Eye Drops Manufacturing And Supply

Iskon Remedies is a well reputed company serving mankind for a long time. We are an ISO-certified company which adheres to all the guidelines of WHO & GMP. Our company works on only one motto i.e to serve humanity. We are recognized as the best Cyclosporine Eye Drops Manufacturer and Supplier across India. All of our pharma products are approved by DCGI & FSSAI. Iskon Remedies also provides third party manufacturing services for Cyclosporine Eye Drops.

  • We have a team of well qualified workers that manufactures quality pharma products.
  • Our workers lubricate the used machineries on a regular basis.
  • Our R & D is very hardworking because it brings new products on a regular basis.
  • Great quality logistics services are offered by us. 
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