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Atrokap contains molecules of Atropine Sulphate eye drops which are used before an eye test to dilate the pupil. It’s also used to treat amblyopia or lazy eyes and other eye problems. This medication works by stopping the chemical acetylcholine to release, which relaxes the ciliary muscle of the eye and causes the pupil to dilate.

It can also be used for blurred vision or dust coming inside the eyes. It can be used with other types of eye issues. Consultation from an eye specialist is a must.

Precautions For Atropine Sulphate Eye Drops 

Put 1 drop before going for surgery, do not go outside after using this. To prevent contamination, do not touch the eyes and tip of the eyedropper. Let the doctor know if any eye surgery happened in the past.

Side Effects For Atropine Sulphate Eye Drops 

Atropine Sulphate eye drops can show some side effects. If the patient faces any of the below-mentioned symptoms then consult with the doctor. Otherwise, conditions may become critical.

  • Watery Or Dry Eyes
  • Blurred Vision
  • Unusual Breathing
  • Blood Pressure
  • Irritation 

Contact For Atropine Sulphate Eye Drops Manufacturing And Supply

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