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This medicine is used before eye surgery as it helps in relaxing the eye muscles. It dilates the pupil so that it doesn’t react towards the light. Atropine Sulphate eye drop belongs to the class of drug known as anticholinergics. The formulations show excellent results in the eye conditions like Uveitis, inflammatory, amblyopic, and post-surgery situations.

Amblyopia is an eye condition where one eye loses its vision for some time it is also called lazy eye. With the help of Atropine Sulphate eye drop, the doctor can temporarily blur the vision of the stronger eye to strengthen the weaker eye as our brain will force that eye to work harder to focus.

Benefits of Atropine Sulphate Eye Dropreee

Atropine Sulphate Eye drops show effective results for many eye conditions and are one of the most prescribed eye drop range from the doctors.

Here is the list of the eye diseases for which this medicine can be used:

  1. Refraction
  2. Uveitis
  3. Iritic
  4. Visual Defect/Disturbance
  5. Infectious Posterior Uveitis
  6. Herpes Simplex Iridocyclitis
  7. Herpes Zoster Iridocyclitis
  8. Infectious Anterior Uveitis
  9. Syphilitic Uveitis
  10. Anterior
  11. Panuveitis
  12. Posterior
  13. Pupillary Dilation

Precautions for Atropine Sulphate

Although the risk of any series of side effect is very low in atropine eye drop still one should consult a doctor in case of side effect or:

  • Severe irritation and burning in the eye.
  • Feel redness or stinging in the eye.
  • Indifferent heart rate, restlessness, or irritation.
  • Feeling any kind of headache, blurred vision, stiffness in the neck or ears.

This eye drop may cause blurriness for 2 weeks so avoid reading, driving, or doing anything that requires too much eye concentration.

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