Injection Manufacturer Company in Maharashtra

Injection Manufacturer Company in Maharashtra– Injections are a fairly common means of drug transmission. Iskon Remedies has revolutionized the manufacture of injections over the years. We are a company with a reliable customer record and a great and impressionable line of injectables. In Maharashtra, we aim to achieve healthcare for all. We are breaking the walls built by geography and are looking to provide our quality products in the state. Needless to say, we are the rising Injection Manufacturer Company in Maharashtra.

Iskon Remedies is a Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company that has been dedicated to the cause of Healthcare since the year 2005. In places like Nashik, Pune, Mumbai Suburban, Aurangabad, Mumbai City, etc, we want to be influencing the healthcare system with our world-class injections range. We manufacture injections not just in Human Range but also in the Veterinary range. Therefore, we have an unwavering customer base and a huge clientele across India. Therefore, connect with the Best Injection Manufacturer Company in Maharashtra.

Injection Manufacturer Company in Maharashtra

To know more about our injectables range or for more information on our Third-Party Manufacturing services, do not hesitate to contact us at any time. You may call us on the numbers +91-9816011108, +91 8872345222 or send us an email with your queries at

WHO-GMP Approved Manufacturing Company in Maharashtra

We are a certified Pharma Manufacturing Company exclusively known as the Best Injections Manufacturer in Maharashtra. Here at our impressive manufacturing plants we are aware of the needs of today and are well equipped to deal with the ailments of the future. Therefore, we are a company people can feel open to do business with. The factors that make us the best at what we do are:

  1. We have immaculate manufacturing plants.
  2. And, we have an actively working molding machinery that helps us manufacture the best injections.
  3. Also, we have a workforce that has a ton of experience in Pharma manufacturing.
  4. We have a reputation for making use of the best raw materials and ingredients for our syringes and injectables.
  5. And, we have a wide range of injectables ranging from iron sucrose injections to Vitamin B12 supplements.

Our scientists and doctors are here from all around the country working towards the betterment of the healthcare system with our Injections Manufacturer company in Maharashtra.

Our Proven Quality Control and Assurance Services

The products are made with the utmost care at our manufacturing plants. We mold our injections using modern machinery and using the best materials. Therefore, we have made sure to always conduct our manufacture according to the standards set by the ISO and the WHO. Therefore, we believe in maintaining the best quality of our products. And, we conform to GLP and GMP codes and regulations as well as guidelines. We conduct several tests on our range of injections. And, we aim at achieving quality guidelines that are on par with the global standards.

These tests are performed at various intervals of medicine production. The tests we run on our medicines are conducted in 3 phases. Firstly, the raw materials, ingredients, and excipients are put through minute examinations. Secondly, the products are inspected and tested on the intermediate level. And lastly, finished products are tested and then our products are distributed to the market. We have a competent team of quality control agents who are great at what they do and thus, help preserve the quality of products that we send out to the market.

Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Infrastructure

At Iskon Remedies, we are the leading Pharma Manufacturing Company in India because we make use of all our resources and all the technology at our exposure for perfecting our line of injections. Here is why our infrastructure can help create a massive line of effective injections:

  1. Free of contamination Manufacturing units.
  2. Clean and spacious warehouses.
  3. Making use of world-class technology.
  4. Using a fully computerized system and servers for maintaining the distribution network.

If you are still asking yourself why you should buy from us? The answer is simple. We impart the following qualities to our products

  • Consistent in quality.
  • Making timely deliveries
  • Sophisticated manufacturing processes.
  • Cost efficiency.
  • Effective Products.

Types of Injections we are the Leaders in Manufacturing

We are a leading company known for manufacturing effective injectables and syringes for treating a majority of ailments. Here at Iskon Remedies, we believe in diversifying our research and that is why we have created a line of dry as well as liquid injections. Here are the types of Injection our Maharashtra-Based Injection Manufacturer Company produces.

Veterinary Injections: Our line of veterinary injections work on all animals. Made from the richest of resources, we have a record of treating all kinds of animals for almost all kinds of ailments.

Human Injections: With a great line of injectables for human use, we have created an injections line that resonates with the time and demand. Our innovations have led us to make absolutely operative and functional injectables.

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Phone: +91-9816011108, +91 8872345222

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